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I’ve never been the one who asked for much. Everything I wanted I pretty much had. I’m grateful for everything that I am fortunate to have but there’s one thing that I’ve always wanted but never got the chance to get. I don’t have a sob story, or anything wrong with me. I’m just a girl trying to make a dream come true.

Many people that know me, know I’m a huge Bieber fan. I may not have every single poster on my wall or have a huge fan twitter account dedicated to him but I am a dedicated Belieber. When I first found out about Justin, I thought he was the cutest thing ever but I didn’t really get into him until the middle of his US My World Tour. By then, the shows in my area had passed and I was disappointed but I figured I could go to the next concert he had around here on his next tour. In between then and now, I’ve went from just being a regular fan to becoming a Belieber that feels to have a connection with him as if I’ve know him forever. Little does he know, he helped me through my parents divorce. Pattie showed me that God always has a plan. I strongly believe that “Down to Earth” is the main song that showed me that even though things would be different, but I could work things out. He may not be perfect and neither am I but I’ll be there to support him through whatever just like he supports all of his Beliebers.

June 2, 2012, Tickets went on sale for his Believe Tour. I told my mom about it and expressed how it would be amazing to go to the New Orleans Show on January 15, 2013 since it would be exactly a week before my birthday. My mom told me how she would LOVE to take me but couldn’t promise. I told my dad about the concert a few days ago but never got a straight response. I was so upset. So June 1 I posted the link to both of my parents FB wall and all I got a was a like from my dad on his wall. My dad isn’t a big fan of Justin so he does stuff like that to make me thing there’s a chance he’ll get me tickets. But of course, he didn’t care how much this meant to me. By the time the tickets were out, they were sold out online. I had two things going through my head: 1. So proud that Justin has grown so much (awk. That I’m saying that when I’m only 15) as an artist and is selling out arenas in record time and he’s only 18 ; 2. Its SOLD OUT and I didn’t get tickets. I was crushed. I was in disbelief that the tickets for NOLA were gone so I checked twitter and saw everyone tweeting that the tour sold out in a hour. I have never felt so disappointed and pissed. But Justin taught me to never say never and to try whatever it takes to achieve a dream/goal, and right now, getting a ticket to the show is a dream I’m willing to do whatever it takes for it to come true. Last Summer I flew all the way to California to spend time with my aunt and for a chance to meet him at the ESPY awards. I didn’t get to see him but those six hours waiting was worth considering the fact I was with about 100 Belieber’s. There’s no telling how it would feel to be in a arena with THOUSANDS.

I recently saw on YouTube a clip from his free concert performing As Long  As You Love Me. Instantly, that sealed the deal on my motivation to go. I can’t let an experience like that slip away. This means the world to me and There’s no other way I could possibly explain how much it does.

Honestly, I feel like I’m asking for way to much. I would love if Belieber’s and others could help me make my dream come true. I’m not asking asking to meet him (But it would be AMAZING!!!), but if I could at least get this to Justin or the crew and know that that there’s a chance for me to feel that ticket in my hand that gets me into a lasting memory greater than all others, a goal of mine would be reached. I missed out for My World and I can’t miss out on Believe. This means a lot. All I need is a chance. A chance to attempt this and succeed. I do know that just because I write a post about how much this means to me doesn’t guarantee me the opportunity, I HAVE to put in the work and effort to make this dream that I KNOW will come true if I keep “Beliebing”.

I thank those so much who have even taken the time to read this and those who have taken the time to spread this. It means more than you can possibly think.


Alexis Danielle Pam. xoxo


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Dear Justin, glad to write this message to you. My name is Sekar. I’m 14 years old and I’m Indonesian. The first time I saw you on Youtube. I was relaxing at the time, so I decided to surf the internet. I remember the moment I saw the cover of ‘One Time’ and I liked the song immediately. Then I find out who sings it. Yes, it’s you Justin Drew Bieber. It was early 2010. And since then I was so attracted to you. I keep looking for information about you. I am proud to call myself a belieber. I used to just know your progress on Facebook, but after that I started a Twitter. It’s funny, I made a Twitter just to see your progress. Everyday, I stalk your timeline. Now, you’ve grown, Justin. With all of the tattoo and your voice is changed, it will not turn you into someone else, right? You’re still Kidrauhl. You will still be Justin who we idolize, that we love, we are proud of you. No matter how often my friends mock me because I’m a belieber. I’m proud. You really are an amazing figure for me. I see your treatment to Avalanna through Twitter and Tumblr, and it was very touching. You cares about others and likes to do good. We will be by your side, always your beliebers :’) Thank you for all you’ve done. Thank you because you have taught three simple words with a million meanings, Never Say Never. Do you know? My mother loved your new album. Yes, she really liked Believe. If you would, please follow my twitter (@ mdsekarputri) that’s very meaningful for me. Once again thank you :) I love you <3
                                                                               With love,

                                                             Sekar (@mdsekarputri)

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Boyfriend (Bluesy Version) - Justin Bieber

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Justin Bieber - Up (Live version)

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Dear DJustin drew bieber.  Your my role model, my inspiration, my life, my everything. you changed my life big time. even tho i have never seen you live or anything. i would love to meet you to thank you for everything. you mean the world to me. Im flying to london next year to try&find you. Your growing up so fast but you will always be kidrauhl. you mean the world to us. hopefully one day you will notice me on twitter&hopefully we will meet next year:) believe is amazing. our album is the best album ever, its legendary its gunna go down in history for sure! Grammys.  I LOVE YOU SO MUCH. I want you to no that becoming a belieber was the best decision i ever made, i will love & support you forever, i will never leave you’re side, im here until the end. the day you follow me on twitter and the day i meet you, those will be the happiest days of my life. when you smile i smile. you’re songs get me threw hard times tbh.  i could go on for ever but i should stop here. I FRICKIN LOVE YOU SOOOOOOOOO MUCH, you don’t understand how much, haha. SWAG,SWAG, ON YOU. Meet me in london next year i will do anything. oh & when you do meet me you can teach me how to dougie cos i kinda suckie suckie, hehe. LOVE you, swaggie.Lots of love  @Bieberl73200388

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Dear Justin,
I’m Öykü from Turkey. Sorry for my bad english I’m doing my best :p I’m a Belieber since 2010, the first song i listened was Baby, and I was all like, ‘Who is this kid?’ and i fell in
love with your voice, your hair and your personality.
I was talking about you everywhere and even my parents were sick of me! But i didn’t mind. I learned more about you, 
your life, what you’ve been through, all those singing competitions… 
Then I became a TRUE belieber. I bought your albums, dvds, ALL of the magazines which had your poster. 
Then My World Tour started. And you weren’t coming to my country. I was really upset. Well honestly, if you came here, 
i didn’t think that i would be able to go, because we’re not really rich… But i started saving money for the next tour, 
i still am but you’re not coming here for the Believe Tour so i’m  totally desperate. I cried for days to just see you or 
hug you, but i can meet you someday, i believe in that with all my heart. 
And all about the Jelena drama, i may be younger than you and i don’t  even have a chance to be with you, but i’m jelaous. 
I know you’re happy together and i respect it but i don’t support it. 
Anyways, if you’re reading this, thank you SO much for being an inspiration to me, not just me, all of the beliebers. 
Thank you for telling us to Never Say Never. Thank you for making me smile on my bad days. 
Thank you for being there for us. I have a lot to thank, I can’t even write all of them here. 
But thank you for EVERYTHING. We love you till the end, and I love you till the end. 
-Öykü <3
twitter: @AwwKidrauhll

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People say to me that I am NEVER going to meet you. People say I am NEVER going to be followed by you. I believe. 

My own faith in you. I love you Justin. I know you better than people say. <3 

You have make me believe in my life. Before it was a hell, now it’s like I’m in heaven. You have made me smile. Smile for life! I have been more grateful ♥ 

I was bullied before, people called me fat, ugly, etc. And I had a difficult childhood, with parents who did not agree all the time. Arguing, screaming and yeah .. 

I have experienced much a child should not experience, alcoholism. And now I sit with divorced parents. But I’m very happy that they are friends, and do not argue anymore. 

I wish I could have done more with my father. He means so much. But now I will talk more about you Justin.

I hope you see this here. It had meant so much to me! And I hope very much to meet you. ♥

 My biggest dream, I do not know what to do without you. You are my everything. I work hard to meet you or come to one of your concerts.

 But the problem is that I live in Norway. And you have only been here once. Could not come then, it cost too much to take a flight down there. I’m sorry. But I hope to come next time ♥ 

Yes, I love you so much! When I hear your songs, I think just the song and shut out everything else.

 Then it’s like being in my own world. It is wonderful. I can do everything, but not fly lol ♥ But yeah, I hope you see this Justin! Also you can maybe follow me on twitter ♥

Bye, swaggie ♥

- @SwagAkaBieber

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Dear Justin, After you posted that video to us of you at Mexico City ive just felt really inspired to write to you. That video just really made me want to tell you how i feel. I havent had the easiest life and i feel like God has really blessed me by putting you in my life:). I thank him everyday for this. I just feel like he doesnt want me to meet you and thats a terrible feeling. cuz anything i try to do to possibly meet you or something always goes wrong. Like with this golden ticket contest, i enter my code in and when i go to continue it says the webpage cant be displayed. So i dont even know if the code is a winner or not. besides that im just glad to have you in my life. I just wish one thing in my life would go right. But anyways im not writing to you to complain to you about how im never going to meet you, im writing you because you just really inspired me this time. I might not have the best luck, but im definitely lucky to have you in my life, i know youre never gonna leave me ever!!:) so i just really hope that my day comes for when i finally get to meet you. Thank you for coming into my life and making it a whole lot better. I just want to tell you spersonally how much youve hepled shape my life. I can only wish to thank you in person. I just wish i could get to know you as a person and become your friend, i see you in interviews all the time and you just seem like a really cool person and friend. Maybe one day we’ll be friends you never know! Well hope you get to read this:) Love Kaila. @DaBiebsFantasy

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Hello ;) Im Diva (@divagomesz/rockin-gurl.tumblr.com) just read this ;)

Well, I open my facebook account. And I see someone sharing his cover video. And the tittle is ‘One Time’. I click play and he starts to singing. For the first, I dont like it. And then I heard the chorus. It was fantastic!! The next day, I open my facebook again, and watching the video again.

Then I open my google and finding ‘One Time’. And here it is. One Time is Justin Bieber’s song. I open youtube and looking for One Time Video. And ‘He’s so cute!’. Im searching all about you again, again and again. And I know, Im a BELIEBER.

Till now, Im still Belieber. I am TRUE BELIEBER. I have so many pics of you. Your song, pics, and many others! Im so proud being a belieber. I got so much friends there. Really Im so happy. MORE THAN EVER!

I know that my parents doesnt like it if I love you. But I dont care, I will always love till the worlds end. <3

Finally, thanks for EVERYTHING you’ve done to us. And giving hope to everyone. Thank you, JB<3

Love, Diva

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I know that Justin Bieber will never actually see this letter but i’m going to try anyway. My name is Regan and i’m from the UK. I first saw discovered you when you first visited the UK and went to radio 1. I was in the car when and it was really late when i first heard one time. I went on youtube and looked for the kid with the amazing voice and found Justin Bieber. I instantly became a belieber and told all my friends about you. Then everyone at school found out about you  and then the whole world suddenly knew about the boy I saw on youtube! A couple of years later I heard that you were coming back to the UK on tour and had to get tickets. I was at school when they were being sold and asked my mum to get tickets. Unfortunately she couldn’t get any! I know it’s silly but that night i cried and cried because i wanted to see you that badly, but i had to get over it. Eventually Christmas came and i was oblivious to what was going to happen. There was a letter from my mum and dad telling me that i was going to see you! I couldn’t of been happier and cried of joy! On March 12 2011 my friend and I travelled to England (I live in Scotland) to come to see you! We had been to see Never Say Never so were searching the streets for Scooter and the team but didn’t see any of you! That night we got ready and painted our faces to come see you, then arrived at the arena where you were playing. At the start there was a boy dressed as you so everyone was rushing towards him to get a picture! That night was one of the best nights of my life! I sand my heart out and surprisingly didn’t cry or faint! I am hoping one day to see you in concert again and maybe even meet you! I know you get millions of letters and they are all similar to mine but i just hope that you do get the chance to read this! Thank-you for being such a great role-model and helping all the people you do, i love you! 

Regan x (@rawr_its_regan)

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